Senior Frontend development engineer

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Senior Frontend development engineer

Full-time / Part-time · Utrecht, The Netherlands

Are you ready to push the boundaries of digital creativity and user experience? At Lab Digital, we're looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer who is passionate about crafting seamless, high-performance digital products. Dive into a role where your expertise in React and Next.js shapes the future of e-commerce and content websites.

about you & the role

At Lab Digital, we strive to make a positive impact by creating outstanding digital products for our clients, including global e-commerce platforms, content websites, and high-traffic middleware solutions.

Many of the products we develop use React in combination with Next.js. We apply a component library approach and develop in collaboration with UX and design teams. We have a strong focus on performance, both in consuming data from GraphQL services, and in generating the responses. A good user experience and excellent scores in web vitals / Lighthouse are essential for our field.

As our ideal candidate, you're not just skilled in coding – you're a visionary who understands the importance of collaborative development. Working alongside our UX and design teams, you'll bring digital concepts to life, ensuring every product resonates with its intended audience.

Our collaborative environment thrives on agile methodologies, with 2 to 3-week sprints involving multidisciplinary teams. As a Frontend Engineer, you will be responsible for delivering high quality software in collaboration with (UX) designers, QA specialists, business analysts, solution architects, a scrum master, and a project manager. For larger clients, you may find yourself working across multiple teams, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

what you do

  • Develop and maintain web applications using React and Next.js, focusing on performance and user experience.

  • Implement component libraries in collaboration with UX/design teams, ensuring high web vitals and Lighthouse scores.

  • Craft well-documented component libraries using tools like Storybook, emphasizing code reusability.

  • Work within agile sprint cycles, delivering quality software alongside designers, QA specialists, business analysts, and more.

  • Supporting teammates in their work and provide feedback in a well-structured manner.

  • Engage in multiple projects, possibly across different teams, to drive innovation and collaboration.

what you bring

You will have a strong background in delivering high quality, reliable software solutions using modern software development techniques and working as part of a fully integrated team. We expect you to bring the following toolkit: 

  • At least 4 years of demonstrated experience in implementing production-level projects in JavaScript/TypeScript with a focus on React. 

  • Experience mentoring and supporting team members and guiding clients.

  • Proven track record in front-end development, particularly in the e-commerce domain.

  • Expertise in styling solutions (Styled Components, Emotion, CSS Modules, SCSS).

  • Strong foundation in modern software practices (unit/integration testing, CI/CD pipelines).

  • Familiarity with server-side rendering frameworks (Next.js, Gatsby,

  • Knowledge of build tools (Webpack, ESBuild, Vite, SWC).

  • Experience supporting and mentoring junior software developers, and contributing to a productive team environment.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken (and thus able to deliver documentation and help with training, for example) 

Bonuspoints for:

  • Experience with GraphQL, Apollo Client, URQL. 

  • Background in cloud applications (AWS/Azure) and Terraform. 

  • Skills in animation frameworks (Framer Motion, GSAP). 

Don't feel you meet 100% of the requirements? We celebrate building diverse teams from all backgrounds, so we encourage you to apply anyway and show us your potential!

Competitive salary

25 vacation days

Laptop, headphones and more

Flexible hours

Knowledge sharing

what we offer you

If you're spending a big portion of your life working, why not do it where you really count, and where there's room for your ambitions? Imagine a place where you can experiment with trending technology and create beautiful products for intriguing clients. Our success lies in our people, and that's why we put them at the heart of everything we do. This translates to a constant focus on them: we're always looking out for their well-being and growth. That's not only about basic terms; it's also about focusing on you as an individual and on your role within your team.

Key aspects of those efforts include foundational conditions, a strong focus on individual ambitions and nurturing collaboration.

Benefits & perks

  • Competitive salary

  • 25 vacation days and a favourable pension plan

  • Bonus (one month salary) in case of a positive operating result

  • An office centrally located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, walking distance from a public transport hub

  • A naturally lit, green environment that is healthy and provides tranquility

  • A strong focus on your personal ambitions

  • Hybrid working and flexible hours in consultation with your team

  • The opportunity to work from abroad for a period and to further balance work with enjoyment and relaxation in the form of a workation

  • No concessions on gear you need to do your job well including laptop, headphones and more


  • Our international team consist of 80+ colleagues. Lab Digital has a strong engineering culture and you’ll be working in multidisciplinary teams with talented colleagues

  • For several consecutive years, Lab Digital has been recognized by its team as an official Great Place To Work(GPTW). 

  • Freedom and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

  • Fun: facilitated lunches, theme borrels and team events. But also the freedom to arrange it yourself, whenever you want.

(Personal) development

  • Active in the Open Source community. Check out our 100+ projects on our GitHub profile and

  • Help to develop our clients with multiple brands and regions like Danone, Frasers Group, Mars, Knives & Tools, Heijmans, Spring GDS & SLB Diensten

  • Constant focus on your development, drivers and ambitions through Mentorship Programme, PersonalDevelopment Plan, Lab Academy, Growth Paths for Juniors and Mediors and collaborations with educational institutions.

  • 3-day personal development training with a great external coach in the 1st year of your employment. Set by the beach and fully catered for.

  • Weekly dedicated time for learning and a library of courses, books and trainings to choose from.

  • We grow with you when you grow. Not only professionally, but also when you at home in your potential role as a parent. Therefore we offer additional days off, to support you in the transition into parenthood: perhaps the most important role you will ever have.

"Because we work with innovative technologies and follow new developments closely, there is something new to learn on every project, which makes the work fun, dynamic and challenging."

Mike, Technical Lead

your colleagues

Our team consist of 80+ colleagues. Curious about who your direct colleagues will be? Take a look at the profiles of Sara, Okke, Casper & Boris

Bram Kaashoek

Senior Software Engineer

Casper Koppenhagen 

Digital Consultant

Mike de Bock

Senior Software Engineer

Boris Besemer

Lead Engineer

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