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Sr Digital Project Manager

Are you an experienced digital project manager with several years of experience at digital agencies with complex projects and large clients? We are looking for someone with Scrum experience who feels at home in running complex projects. Someone who fits in with our organization and who, in addition to keeping an overall view, also wants to be heavily involved in the content of the project. 

Full-time / Part-time · Utrecht, The Netherlands

Job requirements

  • At least 5 years of project management experience with high value digital (software) projects at digital agencies
  • Affinity with design / UX strategy
  • Knowledge of technology capabilities
  • Experience with Scrum and Agile working
  • A penchant for 'wanting to achieve'
  • An eye for detail, but the ability to make big steps
  • Independence
  • Seniority
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Eye for opportunities with our customers

What we offer

Knowledge sharing

Laptop, phone and more

Pension plan

Above average, including bonus

Flexible hours

25 vacation days

  • We offer an above-average remuneration, expense allowance and 25 days of holiday.
  • A favourable pension scheme
  • Bonus in case of a positive company result
  • Flexible hours, in consultation with your team
  • No concessions on equipment you need to do your job including laptop, phone, headphones and more
  • We are a growing company and we constantly focus on your development and ambitions. With us, you can work on both personal and professional goals through a growth plan.
  • You can really grow with a client and build lasting relationships.
  • A span of control that matches your ambitions and skills

About you

You are not afraid of projects worth several tons and prefer to work with large organizations. Together with your team you will set up complex projects in SCRUM processes but you also have ownership over what is delivered and the ongoing development. Collaborating with all kinds of disciplines around you. You like that, even if their interests differ from yours.

You don't just work for a customer but enjoy building long-term relationships with them. From your position you not only facilitate the projects but you also see sales opportunities and act on them together with our Commercial Director. At Lab Digital, the role of project manager is from A to Z, from opportunity to bid, to project, billing and ongoing development.

In addition, it is great if you have a well-founded opinion about (digital) design, if you understand that Java is something essentially different than Javascript, and if you can empathise with the strategic ambitions of a client.

What will your day look like?

Every day is different and far from boring, but here is an outline of what a day can look like.

🕘 8:30 - Stand-up
Daily standup with the team via MS Teams. You ensure that the team is focused, can start the day well and also keep an eye on the end of the sprint. You agree in advance who will prepare which parts of the demo presentation.

🕚 11:00 - Working on Pitch
Together with our Commercial Director, you work on an RFP that has to be delivered the same week. You have a strong vision in the right approach for this project and have worked this out in a phasing with corresponding milestones and underlying budget. In doing so, you make a substantive contribution to the proposal for the client and you also know how to articulate this well in the rehearsal presentation.

🕐 13:00 - Progress meeting
You and your team are in the final phase of a project and, together with the customer and other suppliers involved, you are working towards the go-live. Together with the architect and lead developer, you have taken control and drawn up a go-live plan, which is now being coordinated with all the parties involved to ensure a flawless go-live. The focus can then quickly shift to celebrating success, instead of extinguishing fires.

🕝 14:30 - Invoicing
The end of the month is approaching, so you prepare the hour reports and invoices. Thanks to your tight control of the budget and planning, there are no special circumstances. However, you do start the discussion with the customer about the support agreement after go-live and how you envisage this.

🕓 16:00 - Day's closing.
You get a last-minute call from the Product Owner but because of your long-standing relationship, he knows his questions are in good hands with you. You think about the update you're going to give in the project management meeting tomorrow and at 5pm you open a glass of wine (or beer) 🍷

Your colleagues

Our project management team now consists of 9 project managers, also known to us as Digital Consultants. Curious about who your colleagues will be? Take a look at the profiles of Antoine, Els, Arjan and Maurice.

Antoine Hurkmans

Digital Consultant

Els Gosens

Digital Consultant

Arjan Meulenbrugge

Digital Consultant

Maurice Ilmer

Digital Consultant

"As an experienced Digital Consultant, I am still learning every day in our company. We are pioneers in the field of technology and creation, so the work is never boring. In fact, this is one of the most dynamic and challenging jobs I have ever had."

- Arjan, Digital Consultant

About us

Lab Digital stands for 15 years of experience in the digital sector. At the same time, innovation is in our blood, as is a strong drive for quality. Lab Digital employs 50+ specialists, both in the technology corner and on the creative side. Our clients are ready for mature steps in the field of digital issues. For them, we realize growth, in very good and long-term partnerships. We do this with the latest technologies for national and international organizations.

With us, growth is central, where trust, freedom and personal development are highly valued. We offer our employees many opportunities for professional and personal development, including a personal growth plan. Our organization is diverse, informal, flat organized and we have a friendly and fun culture. We encourage knowledge sharing and innovation throughout the organization. In December 2020, we were once again named a Great Place To Work.

Clients we work for include: Glen Dimplex, Ahold, Heineken, Liander, Toyota and Danone. Are you curious about the types of projects we do? Then take a look at our cases on Suzuki, Heineken Experience, Agradi.

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