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Lead Software Engineer

Full-time · Utrecht, The Netherlands

At Lab Digital we create digital products for our clients. These are global e-commerce platforms, content websites or high-traffic middleware solutions. All based on cloud native technology and often in combination with headless SaaS products.

We have a passion for technology. We get excited about solving new challenges through an elegant approach that best fits the environment. We do this in multidisciplinary teams that work for long periods of time for mostly international customers.

About the role

The products we deliver are built with cloud-native technology using a mix of serverless and container orchestration platforms to run the services we develop in production.

As a programming language for the backend services, we work with Python, JavaScript (TypeScript) and Go, among others. The choice of which language we use depends on the issue and the team. For the frontend we mainly work with React in combination with NextJS where the data is consumed through a federated GraphQL service.

We attach great value to delivering sustainable and high quality software. We do this by developing internal standards and extensive unit and integration tests. We also have a strong focus on code reusability within projects but also across projects.


As Lead Software Engineer you take the responsibility to ensure that you, together with your team, develop high quality, future-proof and robust software and bring it into production in a good way. You come up with the technical solution that fits the demand, involve other developers in this and make sure together with your team that this is realized. In doing so, you constantly consider aspects such as re-usability, observability, security and scalability.


  • 7+ years of experience with the development of (web) applications

  • Extensive experience in developing production software in JavaScript/TypeScript, Python or Go.
  • Experienced in leading (development) teams and articulating a technical vision internally and externally.
  • Experience with aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle and the various methodologies and tooling involved.
  • Experience with the design and realization of cloud native event driven software applications.
  • Communicatively strong in word and writing and thereby building a relationship of trust with internal and external stakeholders.
Nice to have

  • Experienced with the open source community and a vision of how we as a company can play a role in this.
  • Experienced in giving talks at conferences or meet-ups for example.

Knowledge sharing

Laptop, headphones and more

Pension plan

75k - 100k per year

Flexible hours

25 vacation days

What we offer you

  • Salary of 75k - 100k per year, 25 vacation days and a favorable pension plan
  • Bonus in case of a positive operating result
  • Hybrid working and flexible hours in consultation with your team
  • No concessions on gear you need to do your job well including laptop, headphones and more.
  • We have a strong engineering culture and are active in the Open Source community. Check out our 70+ projects on our GitHub profile and machcomposer.io
  • We work for well-known large international organizations.
  • We are a growing company and keep a constant focus on your development, drivers and ambitions. You may work on both personal and professional goals with us through a growth plan.
  • Knowledge sharing through a bi-weekly Javascript meeting and Lab Academy, among other things.

Work should be fun, substantive and also with each other. We like to look at your ambitions together with you and help you you realize them.

"I instantly felt welcomed into the Lab family. They harbour an environment of autonomy and trust, advocating for employees to approach projects using their best judgement and take on extracurriculars, such as the Lab Academy lightning talks."

Eve, Head of QA

Your colleagues

Our team consist of 80+ colleagues. Curious about who your colleagues will be? Take a look at the profiles of Boris, Bram, Kors and Mike. 

Boris Besemer

Lead JavaScript Engineer

Bram Kaashoek

Full Stack Developer

Kors van Loon

Front-end Developer

Mike de Bock

Full Stack Developer (freelance)

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