Engineering Manager

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Engineering Manager

Full-time · Utrecht, The Netherlands

Lab Digital develops next-level digital products. Large e-commerce platforms, extensive content websites or high-traffic middleware solutions. All are based on cloud native technology and often in combination with headless SaaS products. With a passion for technology we enthusiastically solve new challenges with an elegant approach, with the technology that best fits the demand. We do this in multidisciplinary teams that work for the long term for mostly international customers.

About the role

The Engineering Manager is responsible for running the technical operation within Lab Digital: delivering good technical existing and new projects and guiding technical colleagues in their functioning and development. It’s a close collaboration with the VP of Engineering and Operations & Delivery Managers. Lab Digital is a growing organisation and is busy scaling up the (technical) operation, both in terms of processes and topics such as technical leadership. The Engineering Manager plays an important role in this.

Lab Digital provides the right technical solutions for our customers. The Engineering Manager is part of the process around projects and new customers. This includes taking care of the technical architecture, approach (including estimating risks) and budget determination. A good start to a project is made by forming the right team. Choices are based on a long-term vision and solutions are of high quality with a technically solid foundation. They are easily maintainable, secure, scalable and flexible to continue to develop new features. This makes our technical solutions future-proof, reusable and in line with the company's vision. Being aware of large and/or technical decisions is important to prevent escalations or to delegate them in the right place.

Within Lab Digital, there is a lot of attention to people, guiding, coaching and developing the individual. Conducting performance interviews and leading the Lab Academy is part of this. Stimulating an engineering culture and expanding it is one of the goals of this role. There is specific attention for: cooperation of technical people, standardisation of solutions (internal open source), security by design and data privacy by design.

With the knowledge of projects and vision on technical leadership, you know what Lab Digital needs in new technical colleagues. With enthusiasm, you drive the recruitment process and, together with colleagues, ensure that the right people are hired.

Lab Digital works hybrid and, in consultation, with flexible working hours. In this role, it is important to be able to poke your nose into everything, to really see people. That’s why this is a role for 36-40 hours a week. And at least three days at our office in Utrecht. Unfortunately, we cannot sponsor visas at this time.

About you

You have a hard time choosing between technology and people. And that is exactly why this role, which has both, would suit you perfectly. You like to guide and coach a large group of people in different teams (1 on 1, from juniors to seniors) to keep developing themselves and the organisation. To do this, you apply different leadership styles, depending on the individual. You are driven and passionate about the growth of people and supporting them to develop in all aspects, fitting the person. You know what is needed to achieve this and together, you know how to identify opportunities and potential growth, also with people who do not grow organically.

You are disciplined in keeping appointments, you bring structure and live by it. In your leadership style, you know how to ensure that norms and values are respected and that people are given appropriate guidance if necessary. If you are passionate about technology, building and growing an organisation and people, Lab Digital is the right place for you.


  • A strong technical background. You are a sparring partner to make technical choices.
  • You can design technical architecture visions and communicate with internal and external stakeholders, whereby the technical knowledge is at various levels.
  • You are a technologist turned manager: you have a background in software engineering and have made the step to managing multiple teams before.
  • You have a focus on people.
  • Native Dutch speaking and writing.
  • A (technology-oriented) agency background.
  • Experience with cloud native software engineering.

Knowledge sharing

Laptop, headphones and more

Pension plan

Above average, including bonus

Flexible hours

25 vacation days

What we offer you

  • 25 vacation days and a favorable pension plan

  • Bonus in case of a positive operating result
  • 36-40 hours per week, of which at least 3 days at the office
  • No concessions on gear you need to do your job well including laptop, headphones and more.
  • We have strong engineering culture and are active is in the Open Source community. Check out our 70+ projects on our GitHub profile and
  • We work for well-known large international organizations.
  • We are a growing company and keep a constant focus on your development, drivers and ambitions. You may work on both personal and professional goals with us through a growth plan.
  • Knowledge sharing through a bi-weekly Javascript meeting and Lab Academy, among other things.

Work should be fun, substantive and also with each other. We like to look at your ambitions together with you and help you you realise them.

We cannot sponsor visas at the moment and will therefore only consider people who are already in the Netherlands or who have a partner visa.

"With the growth of both the organisation and the projects, as well as the technical challenges we are allowed to solve, we find it all the more important to keep an eye on the people. That is ultimately where the strength of Lab Digital lies."

Michael, VP of Engineering

Your colleagues

Our team consist of 80+ colleagues. Curious about who your colleagues will be? Take a look at the profiles of Michael, Boris, Menno & Chiel.

Michael van Tellingen

VP of Engineering

Boris Besemer

Lead Software Engineer

Menno Beeren

Operations & Delivery Manager

Chiel te Loeke

Operations Director

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