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Cloud Engineer

Full-time · Utrecht, The Netherlands

As a Cloud engineer, you are responsible for the DevOps/SDLC environments for the entire company and all customers, including production environments with associated availability. You will work closely with multidisciplinary teams to develop software and cloud environments for our customers. We have a lot of AWS knowledge in our DevOps team and are therefore looking for someone who is strong in Azure.

About the role

We host the software that we build for our customers with one of the larger cloud providers. Especially AWS, but also Azure we see more and more. Where possible, we use the cloud native solutions of the respective providers.

The infrastructure of most environments is built based on our own Terraform Infrastructure-as-code blueprints, so we don't reinvent the wheel for every customer, but we can offer a standardised solution (which we can do very quickly). Of course, every customer is different and our standard will have to be tailored to their needs.

In practice, you will be working a lot with our internal standards, developing those further and setting up customer environments in collaboration with our development teams, who themselves speak a fair bit of Terraform!

In addition to setting it up, we are also responsible for running our customers' environments. This means: making sure they remain available at all times, continue to perform well and, last but not least, remain secure.

We would like to expand our DevOps team and complete it with someone who brings Azure experience in particular.


  • Responsibility for our DevOps/SDLC environments for the entire company and all clients, including production environments with associated availability.
  • Working with multidisciplinary teams to develop software and cloud environments for our customers.
  • Devise and implement DevOps solutions together with the development team and the customer.
  • Ensuring that we deliver elegant solutions that are scalable, maintainable and secure and therefore 'production worthy & robust'.
  • Making a positive contribution to the engineering culture within Lab Digital.


  • 5+ years of experience with developing and managing modern (Azure) DevOps environments for software organisations, and the discipline of site reliability engineering

  • Very experienced with the automation of various processes within this discipline (by means of Python / Bash etc)
  • Knowledge and experience with cloud native environments and setting up and managing them by means of infrastructure-as-code (Terraform), within Azure
  • Experience with setting up and managing Continuous Integration & Delivery pipelines for various types of software products
  • Knowledge and experience of setting up DTAP environments for various software products, including setting up the necessary monitoring/observability solutions
  • Knowledge of and experience with working with Docker, both in a CI/CD context and in production using AWS ECS/Fargate, among others
  • Experience with 'securing' various types of environments, in different cloud environments
  • Able to deliver technical documentation for the environments you set up

  • A background as a Software Engineer
  • Experience with setting up DevOps environments for Python and/or TypeScript stacks
  • Experience/interest in coaching/mentoring development teams in the correct application of DevOps principles

Knowledge sharing

Laptop, headphones and more

Pension plan

Above average, including bonus

Flexible hours

25 vacation days

What we offer you

  • We offer an above-average remuneration, expense allowance and 25 days of holiday.
  • A favourable pension scheme
  • Bonus in case of a positive company result
  • Flexible hours, in consultation with your team
  • No concessions on equipment you need to do your job including laptop, headphone and more
  • We are a growing company and we constantly focus on your development and ambitions. With us, you can work on both personal and professional goals through a growth plan.
  • Our whole team is AWS certified, so we'd like to offer you that opportunity too
  • Azure certification is also a possibility
  • Being part of an organisation that is active in the Open Source community? We have made open source, among others.
  • Work should be fun, challenging and also fun with each other. We would like to take a look at your ambitions together with you and help you to achieve them.

Work should be fun, substantive and also with each other. We like to look at your ambitions together with you and help you you realize them.

"Because we work with innovative technologies and follow new developments closely, there is something new to learn on every project, which makes the work fun, dynamic and challenging."

Mike, Technical Lead

Your colleagues

Our team consist of 80+ colleagues. Curious about who your colleagues will be? Take a look at the profiles of Michiel, Patrick, Andrej & Sara

Michiel Bijland

Lead Infrastructure

Patrick Pepels

Cloud Engineer

Andrej Arsenovski

Test Automation Engineer

Sara Ghaedi

Software Engineer

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